Weighing Bottles, Glass, Isolab

►Manufactured from heat resistant, durable borosilicate glass complete with a lid.
►The interchangeable lids perfectly fit the NS necks. Once closed they provide hermetical closure.
►White marking area on side wall enables easy marking and labeling.

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Product No Dimension
037.02.254 25mm x 40mm
037.02.353 35mm x 30mm
037.02.402 40mm x 25mm
037.02.305 30mm x 50mm
037.02.503 50mm x 30mm
037.02.357 35mm x 70mm
037.02.603 60mm x 30mm
037.02.408 40mm x 80mm
037.02.803 80mm x 30mm
037.02.508 50mm x 80mm