Oily Waste Can, Looped Logic

A variety of features, such as the innovating link rod of the lid, the unique noise reduction design, self-closing lid, and heavy duty steel, etc., make the products robust and durable. The containers always keep closed when not in operation, so as to isolate oily disposals from fires and eliminate combustion risks.



Product No Capacity (GL/L) Outer Diameter x H (mm)
280613 6/23 ø341 x 383
280611 6/23 ø341 x 383
281013 10/38 ø381 x 552
281011 10/38 ø381 x 552
281413 14/53 ø411 x 552
281411 14/53 ø411 x 552
282113 21/80 ø481 x 579
282111 21/80 ø481 x 579


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