Isolab Bilingual wide neck wash bottle

Wash Bottle, wide-neck, bilingual, Isolab

►Manufactured from highly translucent and semi-rigid polyethylene with walls and crush-resistant corners
►Round Neck form allows unrestricted liquid flow out without leaving any residue at the bottle neck.
►Dispensing tube design offers optimum backflow and turbulance free liquid transfer.
►Chemical names, formulas, CAS numbers and other key safety information printed in 4 languages (English/French/German/Spanish)

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Product No Wash Bottle Label Bottle Material Bottle Volume Cap Color
062.50.500 Acetone PP 500mL Red
062.51.500 Water PE 500mL Blue
062.51.501 Distilled Water PE 500mL Blue
062.51.502 Deionised Water PE 500mL Blue
062.52.500 Ethanol PE 500mL Green
062.53.500 Ethyl Acetate PE 500mL White
062.54.500 Iso-propanol PE 500mL Yellow
062.55.500 Methanol PE 500mL Orange
062.56.500 Methylethylketone PP 500mL Brown
062.57.500 Tetrahydrofuran PP 500mL Black
062.58.500 Toluene PE 500mL Turquoise