Chemicals & Reagents

Chemical Blending ServicesHCS provides lab chemical supplies such as HPLC, Analytical, Industrial/Technical Grade and specialty chemicals that are produced according to your specific requirements.

Please note that certain chemicals requires NEA or other specific license/permits. Please send us the information of your permit/license if/when required by us in order to generate a quotation for you.

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Apart from our blending services, HCS also supplies specific chemicals to your needs:

0-9 H S
  Hydrochloric Acid Sodium Carbonate, anhydrous
A Hydrogen Peroxide Sodium Chloride
Absolute Ethanol   Sodium Hydroxide
Acetic Acid I – L Sodium Hypochlorite
Acetone Iron Sodium Persulfate
Alcohol Iso-Octane Reagent Sodium Sulphate anhydrous
Ammonium Oxalate Isopropanol Sodium Thiosulphate Pentahydrate
Ascorbic Acid Lead (II) Oxide Standard Solutions
Ammonia   Sulphuric Acid
  M  Silver Nitrate
B Methanol
Benzaldehyde Methyl tert-butyl ether (MTBE) T
Bromide Bromate Solution   TBN Solvent
Buffer Solutions N – O Tetrahydrofuran
Barium Chloride n-Heptane TOC Standard Solution
  n-Hexane Toluene
C Nitric Acid  
Carbazole n-Pentane U – Z
Chloroform Ortho-Phosphoric Acid Xylene
Copper (II) Sulphate Pentahydrate    
Cyclohexane P  
  Parafin Oil  
D p-dimethylaminobenzaldehyde  
Deionised Water Perchloric Acid  
Dichloromethane Petroleum Ether  
Diethyl Ether Phenolphthalein Indicator  
  Phosphoric Acid  
E Potassium Bromide  
EDTA Potassium Chloride  
Ethanol Potassium Chromate  
Ethyl Acetate Potassium Hexacyanote  
Ethyl Methyl Potassium Hydroxide  
Ethylcyclohexane Potassium Iodate  
Ethylene Glycol Potassium Nitrate  
 Ethylbenzene and Xylene Potassium Sodium Tartrate  
Potassium Sulfate  
F Propanol  
Ferric Ammonium Sulfate Potassium Permanganate